Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Update (sorry about the hiatus!)

Last month's presentation by PI-NE leader and TAPS member Jeff Stewart and his assistants Betty DuPont and Keith Chicolte was a pleasure to host, and a very fun event, all in all.
Paranormal Investigators of New England is an investigative group based out of Burlington, Vermont, with a wide range of investigations focussing on ghosts, cryptozoology, a wide umbrella term of the occult, and demonology. The presentation began with an introduction of the three members, a sharing of their stories, and a showcase of their technology, followed by a short investigation in the college. Altogether a wonderful experience, and we look forward to working with them again.

Next Friday, it's time to welcome Shannon Sylvia of Ghost Hunters International fame to the school, where it will be a similar set-up to the PI-NE presentation – an hour long talk from Ms. Sylvia, and then an hour's investigation. Last time we focussed on the Rotunda, which is in the sports centre of the school, and the Alexander Twilight Theatre; this time, we plan to return to the Rotunda, for a more concentrated investigation. Stay tuned for updates!

Also, this weekend is the spring trip to Easton, Massachusetts, where we will be investigating some spots around the town and possibly Stonehill College.

It's going to be very busy around here soon!

~Admin Victorya

 P.S.: Expect a vlog on Friday and Saturday, detailing our findings!

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